Hair Care in Autumn

Every woman wants to have beautiful and healthy hair. The hair is affected by so many factors such as weather changes, stress, and products with chemical ingredients.

The beginning of autumn is the time that helps to restore hair. The sun is not too hot to over dry them, and winter cold has not yet come, so that you can thoroughly prepare for a period of aggressive freezing environment that winter will be bringing.

The main problems of the autumn season are increased fragility, split ends, dull colour and hair loss – all these are unpleasant consequences of the hot summer sun, dust and frequent sea visits. Curls are depleted, they lack moisture and vitamins. To fix this situation, our recommendations for autumn hair care will help you.

Following tips will help you level out the problems your hair accumulated over the summer:

  • Cut some hair – Women with long hair should not be worried about cutting off a few centimetres of hair, especially if they spilt at the tips.
  • Moisturize – In autumn, the increased dryness of hair is observed in almost all, so in this period it is especially important to use shampoo, which contains natural and nutritional ingredients. Preference is given to shampoos without a sulphate type of aggressive chemical components.
  • Refuse the “2 in 1” products. All the care products need to be purchased separately, so buy a shampoo, balm and mask from the same series to ensure the combined effect of nutritional components.
  • Fewer temperature effects – In the autumn, the hair should be given a rest. After washing your head, just pat the hair with a towel and let it dry naturally. Maximally reduce the use of hair dryers, ironing and curling, because the hair is already weakened over the summer.
  • Say not to chemicals – In this period, it is the best for your hair to stay chemical-free. If you cannot go without it, give preference to products without ammonia and regularly make home hair care masks.
  • Protect hair from cold and wind – In autumn it is better to choose a neat hairstyle and to loosen hair in order to provide them with protection from the aggressive effects of rain and gusts of cold wind. Be sure to wear a hood or a suitable hat.
  • Eat right – Your diet should include products containing selenium (onion, garlic, mushrooms), iodine (seaweed, tuna, squid, mussels, shrimp), potassium (dried apricots, oranges, eggplants, carrots, tomatoes) vitamins E and A. Do not forget about the benefits of walnuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin.

As a side note, if you are getting a hair extension done soon, you should choose the “autumn Ombre” colour to fit the beautiful autumn season.

Home procedures for autumn hair care

Provide a healthy look to hair with home treatments. Traditional medicine offers a huge number of masks and other means that will make hair beautiful, shiny and full of vitality. So, you can sometimes replace washing with shampoo using home-made hair-washing mixtures.

  • For blonde hair chamomile and sunflower petals work very well
  • Brunettescan rinse their hair with a decoction prepared from nettle, strong black tea or infusion of red bean pods
  • For split ends, you need to prepare a mixture containing dandelion. To do this, the root of dandelion in mixed with 250 ml of boiling water and left to stand for 35 minutes. Then wash your hair with it and rinse with water afterwards.

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